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Basepoint Business Centres

T: 01753 853515
E: N/A
W: www.basepoint.co.uk 
S: Business Centres
Basepoint has proudly supported thousands of businesses over the past 20 years and currently provides over 1,800 companies with unique workspaces; from a 1 person managed office to open plan spaces for 100 people.
w a_turner

WA Turner

T: 01892 509700
E:  N/A
W:  N/A
S:  N/A
MailServe CMYK_Small

Mail Serve LTD

T:  01444 416699
E:  info@mailserveltd.co.uk 
W:  www.mailserveltd.co.uk 
S:  Mailing Services
Boarshead inn 

The Boar's Head Inn

T:  01892 652412
E:  info@theboarsheadinn.com 
W:  N/A
S:  Pub

Tilley & Co

T:  0800 4332113
E:  info@tilleyandco.com 
W:  www.tilleyandco.com 
S:  Guttering & Roof-cleaning Specialists
ProGame Logo 

Henderson Wealth Management

T:  01825 733355
E:  N/A
W:  N/A
S:  Wealth Management
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Mansell McTaggart

T:  01342 826682
E:  fr@mansellmctaggart.co.uk 
W:  www.mansellmctaggart.co.uk 
S:  Estate Agents
air engineering_controls_ltd_logo 

Air Engineering Controls Ltd

T:  01342 826488
E:  N/A
W:  www.aegroup.uk.com 
S:  Air Engineering Controls
computerpeople logo 

Computer People Ltd

T:  020 7634 0247
E:  niallcook@computerpeople.co.uk 
W:  www.computerpeople.co.uk 
S:  IT Recruitment Agency

APH (Airports, Parking & Hotels)

T:  01342 710079
E:  N/A
W:  www.aph.com 
S:  Airport Parking & Hotels
penfold driveways_logo 

Penfold Driveways

T:  0800 783 7753
E:  sales@penfolddriveways.com 
W:  www.penfolddriveways.com 
S:  Driveways
oak framed_buildings 

Oak Frame Garages

T:  01444 471090
E: info@archertreatments.com 
W: www.timber-oak-garages.co.uk
S: Design timber oak buildings
perfectly green_Logo 

Perfectly Green Ltd

T:  01825 729259
E:  N/A
W:  www.perfectlygreen.co.uk 
S:  Artificial Grass
Cementaid logo_COL 

Concrete Remedial Systems Ltd

T:  01293 653900
E:  N/A
W:  www.cementaid.co.uk 
golf escapes_logo2012 

Golf escapes

T:  01342 811787
E:  info@golf-escapes.com 
W:  www.golf-escapes.com 
S:  Golf Tour Operator
brooknight logo 

Brooknight Security Ltd

T:  01732 782 666
E:  info@brooknight.com 
W:  www.brooknight.com 
S:  Security Services
resin bonded_logo 

Resin Bonded Ltd

T:  01825 891329
E:  info@resinbonded.co.uk 
W:  www.resinbonded.co.uk 
S:  Resin Bonded and Resin Bound Aggregates
SouthernTesting logoJpeg 

Southern Testing Laboratories Ltd

T:  01342 333100
E:  enquiries@southerntesting.co.uk 
W:  www.southerntesting.co.uk 
S:  Independent site investigation, geotechnical engineering and environmental consultancy
Lewes FC 

Lewes FC

T:  01273 470820
E:  N/A 
W:  www.lewesfc.com